Soma Vineyards 

Soma Vineyards won the Best Rose Wine trophy at the India Wine Awards. This was one of the five honours the company, which was nominated in five categories, bagged. Pradeep Pachpatil, chairman and managing director and winemaker, Soma Vineyards, said, “I would like to thank the India Wine Academy for organising these awards. Our award is an honour to the entire Soma Team for their hard work.” Soma’s Rose Dessert is made in the blush style method. This seductive blush pink in colour is made from the Zinfandel grapes which are grown in Soma’s own vineyards in the Nashik valley. A sweet treat for dessert lovers, the wine entices with lusty perfumes of sweet melon, honeydew and exotic tropical aromas. This wine has characteristics of a creamy medium-bodied texture with a crispy acidic structure with divine residual fruit sweetness. This wine pairs beautifully by itself and also with nutty desserts.