Sikkim to ban supply of non-organic food items

The Sikkim government has approved a proposal to ban supply of non-organic agriculture, horticulture and livestock produces in the state in a phased manner from March 31 2018. A notification will be issued in due course to take necessary action for compliance with the cabinet decision prohibiting entry of non-organic agricultural and horticultural and livestock products into Sikkim, an official release said. The list of products to be prohibited for entry into Sikkim with effect from March 31, 2018 are – maize, beans, brinjal, bitter gourd, bottle gourd, broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower, capsicum, carrot, chayote, cucumber, drumstick, lady finger, leafy vegetables, spinach, pea, radish, tomato, pointed gourd, banana, guava, mango, orange, papaya, ginger, green chilly, turmeric. The list of products to be prohibited for entry into the State of Sikkim with effect from March 31, 2019 are: millet/finger millet, soyabean, rapeseed, mustard, onion, potato, garlic, milk & packaged milk and
mustard oil cake. The chief minister had publicly announced recently that his government will ban supply of fruits like banana and mango from outside from next year. He had said that consumption of these fruits are hazardous for health of the people as it is ripened with use of chemicals. Sikkim was last year declared itself as fully organic state though it heavily depends on markets in neighbouring states like West Bengal for supply of cereals, vegetables, pulses, poultry products and fruits to meet
domestic consumption.