PureCircle Ltd.

PureCircle, the world’s leading producer and innovator of great-tasting stevia sweeteners for the global beverage and food industry recently announced the opening of its First South Asia laboratory facility in India. PureCircle South Asia Laboratory facility aims to support Food and Beverage companies of the country in their responsible drive to develop low calorie, naturally sweetened products for Indian consumers. PureCircle has also introduced its Sigma Matrix Solutions range at Food Ingredients India for F&B manufacturers of the company to moderate sugar content in their products. PureCircle has customized its range of products to complement the Indian palate, including tailored blends for carbonated drinks, juice drinks, ketchups, powdered drinks, yogurts, flavoured milks and traditional sweets with great taste and deep sugar reduction. Stevia also called Meethi Tulsi in Hindi is a natural, zero calorie, plant based sweetener. Since high purity stevia leaf extract was approved for use across major food and beverages in India in 2015, demand for this ingredient has increased. To meet customer needs in this area, PureCircle opened its first South Asia food laboratory in Gurgaon. The new facility offers a number of resources including marketing insights, regulatory support and formulation support to provide Indian food and beverage companies with tools to bring products to market quickly.