Pristine Organics Pvt. Ltd.

Pristine Organic, which manufactures organic and nutritional products using a wide variety of broad diverse crops, has launched a range of organic millet-based food products. Pristine’s range comprises a variety of certified millet-based organic food products, including cereals, biscuits, flour, baby food and nutritional supplements. Pristine’s millet cereals comprise three varieties – Mixed Millet Flakes and Ragi Flakes, along with Corn Flakes. The brand also comprises Mixed Millet Porridge. Pristine’s Millet biscuits are made using a combination of five different millets. They are rich in fibre, monounsaturated fatty acids (MUFA) and poly-unsaturated fatty acids (PUFA), low in glycaemic Index and are transfat-free. Pristine Mixed Millet biscuits, Oven Organica, are known for the higher fibre content (15g) vis-a-vis other brands (which contain just 9g). The company also sells a variety of certified baby food under the millet product range for different stages (as per the age group). The prices vary between Rs. 95 and Rs. 240. The products are available on the company’s website.