Prataap Snacks Ltd.

Prataap Snacks Ltd. (PSL), a leading Indian snack food company with products spanning across various
categories like extruded snacks, chips and namkeen, has entered the sweet snack market with the launch of its new brand Rich Feast through its whollyowned subsidiary, Pure n Sure Food Bites Pvt. Ltd. The first product under the new brand is Yum Pie, a three-layered treat with sponge cake, flavoured jam and
chocolate. The company has set up Pure n Sure Food Bites Pvt. Ltd’s fullyautomated manufacturing plant in Indore, Madhya Pradesh, to manage the production of Yum Pie. Yum Pie, a 100 per cent vegetarian
product, was launched at an affordable price point of Rs. 5. The products have been designed and targeted towards children between the ages of 4 and 14. Yum Pie is available in three flavours – orange, strawberry and mixed fruit. Speaking about the new launch, Amit Kumat, managing director and chief executive officer, Prataap Snacks, said, “Our new brand, Rich Feast, marks our entry into the sweet snack category where we see a lot of untapped growth opportunity.” “With this, we will now get into a bigger macro-snack category from only being a salty snack player. We intend to grow the Rich Feast brand further with new launches in the time to come,” he added.