Perfetti Van Melle India

Perfetti Van Melle India has relaunched Center Shock in the Indian market. Keeping in mind the increasing demand for sour flavours across the globe, the gum is available in a sour flavour. Initially launched in 2002, the brand created excitement in the gum category with its flavour and shocking experience. It had its own set of followers with its differentiated taste profile and entertaining advertising, but was later phased out in line with business plans. Center Shock will be available at Rs. 2 per gum in an attractive jar for high inshop visibility and will be supported by a campaign on digital media to build awareness. Rohit Kapoor, director, marketing, Perfetti Van Melle India, said, “Consumers are accepting sour flavors more now, and so we have worked to get to launch Center Shock. We have continuously been asked by consumers to bring Center Shock back on our Facebook and other social media handles.”