PepsiCo India

PepsiCo India recently announced its foray into the vitamin-fortified water category with the launch of Aquafina Vitamin Splash. This is the first ever vitamin fortified water from the beverage major in India. The introduction of Aquafina Vitamin Splash marks yet another milestone in the company’s effort to increase the availability of convenient, affordable and enjoyable nutrition. At approximately 35 calories perserve (250ml), Aquafina Vitamin Splash is the lowest calorie vitamin fortified water to be introduced for consumers in India. The launch reiterates PepsiCo India’s commitment to introducing new beverage products, only if they contain 100 calories or fewer from added sugar per serve (355ml), in line with PepsiCo’s global Performance with Purpose agenda. Aquafina Vitamin Splash celebrates water as the age-old wellness essential with added vitamins and minerals. It is available in two variants – Aquafina Vitamin Splash Kiwi Lime Flavour and Aquafina Vitamin Splash Raspberry Mint Flavour. While the former contains Vitamin B6, Vitamin B12, zinc and selenium, which are known to support the immune function, the latter contains Vitamin E and selenium nutrients that are known to act as anti-oxidants, all within a great tasting product. It will be available across the top 15 cities and on various e-commerce platforms at Rs. 30 for a 300ml bottle and Rs. 50 for a 500ml bottle. It will be sampled across 100 salons in the country, with leading chains.