Parle Agro Pvt. Ltd.

With an aim to expand its footprint in the beverage category, Parle Agro has launched Frooti Fizz, a new variant of its brand Frooti, to kick-start the summer. While Appy Fizz continues to dominate in the category it created (i.e. fruit plus fizz drinks), Frooti Fizz seeks to refresh the category, providing a perfect balance of the taste of real mango along with fizz, while keeping the drink light and refreshing. As consumers look for alternatives to synthetic drinks and move towards fruit based drinks, Frooti Fizz aims to provide consumers with a differentiated product. The product has been created as an offering to the large set of consumers of mango drinks, currently the preferred flavor choice contributing 90 per cent to the fruit-flavoured still drink category. Parle Agro has invested significantly in the upgradation of its existing manufacturing infrastructure for the production of Frooti Fizz and existing beverages. Frooti Fizz will be available across the country from March 2017 onwards. It will be priced at Rs. 15 for a 250ml PET bottle, Rs. 30 for a 500ml PET bottle and Rs. 25 for a 250ml can.