Nestle India

Nestle has adopted a health mission under which the company is reducing salt and sodium content in its Maggi noodles and cutting sugar by about 10% in KitKat chocolate and dairy products, and stepping up portion control in Munch chocolates, extending to India its ambitious commitment made recently to make healthier products. The company will extend its ‘health drive’ to other product categories as well like dairy items such as yoghurt and infant cereal Cerelac, will now make low-sugar and low-salt variants. The company has announced a series of global commitments to reduce sugars, sodium, saturated fats and transfats, introduce nutritious products, step up food fortification, remove artificial colours, restrict marketing to children, step up nutrition data on packs at points of sale and online, and disseminate information on portion control. “We are providing consumers with nutrition information on food labels, guidance on daily intake for energy and key nutrients and portion guidance.”