Nascens Enterprises Pvt. Ltd.

Nascens Enterprises an organic foods company launched “HAPPA”, an organic baby food brand, that offers a revolutionary way of feeding organic fruits and veggies to the early eaters. The brand provides a tasty combination of additive free, pesticide free, chemical free naturally ripened organic fruits and veggies in a easy to carry and use packs that does not need to be stored in a refrigerator. It’s a fun and new way to introduce a variety of fruit and veggies to your tiny eaters early in their life. Happa organic fruit and vegetable purees have absolutely no other additive or preservative. They are available in ready to eat packs and come in three different blends, single fruit, two fruits/veggies, three fruits and veggie medley in order to match the dietary requirement of every age group of kids. In addition to the blends there are also 6 different variants. This allows mothers to introduce a variety of texture and color to their kids very early in their lives which has been proven to ensure that the kids also turn out to be adults with good eating habits. The organic fruit and veggie blends are attractively priced and available on most ecommerce platforms as well as with big box retailers like Hypercity.