MTR Foods Ltd.

MTR Foods, the pioneer of packaged foods in India, has launched the 3- Minute Breakfast range, comprising popular Indian breakfasts including poha, upma, oats and halwa. These can be prepared in just three minutes, merely by adding hot water. The range comprises two variants of poha (Poha and Khatta Meetha Poha), two variants of upma (Vegetable Upma and Magic Masala Upma), one variant of oats (Oats Homestyle Masala) and one variant of halwa (Kesari Halwa). The 60g single-use pack is priced at Rs. 20, the cup variant is priced at Rs. 45 and the multiple-use box, weighing 230g, is priced at Rs. 80- 85. With this range, MTR has made Indian breakfasts in convenient and quick pour-and-eat formulations, very similar to cereals. MTR Foods has also launched MTR Spicy Sambar Powder, which, as the name suggests, is the spicy variant of one of its highest-selling offerings, sambar powder.