Havmor Ice Cream

Pure milk ice cream brand Havmor launched The Mighty Midas, India’s most expensive ice cream dessert, at Huber and Holly, its flagship ice cream café in Ahmedabad. It is made with 24-carat gold flakes and is priced at Rs. 1,000. It is India’s first-ever uber-premium ice cream dessert, and contains a host of exotic ingredients, including brownies, caramelised almonds, nutty pralines, Rocher balls, hot fudge, Belgian dark chocolate ice cream and hazelnut chocolate. The toppings of this unique offering include a swirl of golden chocolate ice cream, a raspberry rose sorbet macaroon, a pipette of passion fruit and a caramel chocolate bar. It is finally wrapped with 24-carat gold. Each of these ingredients are made in-house through an artisanal process. Mighty Midas is available at Huber and Holly in Ahmedabad and will be soon launched in Hyderabad. The launch of the product will be supported by an aggressive advertising campaign on digital and print media platforms with a focused outreach effort targeted at its valued customers.