Can Seamers

The ‘Cantech Machines’ 24 D S
Seamer Machine is a fast, semi
automatic can seamer, Suitable for a
wide range of cans, Changes from
one size of can to another can be
effected fairly rapidly. During the
seaming operation, the cans remain
stationary which makes this machine
specially suitable for canning liquid
contents assuring least spillage.

The cans are fed by hand and with the can in position, the foot pedal is depressed. This activates the spring head with its four seaming rolls. Seaming is performed in two operation. During the first operations, the curled edge of the round containerend interlocks with the flange of the can body. During the second operation, the seam profle is completed thus giving a compact seam that will be hermetic during subsequent handling. Cans ranging in diameter from 2″ to 7″ can be seamed in this machine. The machine can be supplied with individual motor drive or line shaft drive. A mechanism is available for feeding the ends automatically. Cans, however, have to be fed and removed by hand. Change parts comprise of end feed, can slide can guide and seaming chuck for each diameter. Standard seaming rolls are suitable for cans upto 5 and gallon profile seaming rolls are required for ans above 5.1/8″ diameter.
Semi Automatic, Seaming can
diameter 51 to mm, and height 51 to
248mm. Output 20 – 40 cans per
minute depending on size. By suitable
accessories diameter upto 47 mm can
be seamed. Robust, and easy to
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