Britannia Industries Ltd. 

Britannia Industries Ltd. launched Good Day Wonderfulls in three variants – Choco Nut, Butter Almond and Berries & Nuts – to strengthen the company’s dominance in the Rs. 4,000-crore premium cookie category. The launch of Good Day Wonderfulls comes on the back of the insight that Indian cookie consumers are actively seeking newer, richer tastes. Good Day Wonderfulls combines the wonder of a cookie delivered through its rich taste, crumbly bite and meltin- the-mouth experience, and the fullness of exotic ingredients like cranberries, blackcurrant, roasted almonds, nuts and chocolate. South India is the largest and most evolved market for premium categories and the product and the communication will be rolled out first in South India. The launch in the South will be followed soon after by a national roll out. All three variants of Britannia Good Day Wonderfulls will be available in 30g and 75g packs, priced at Rs. 10 and Rs. 25, respectively. Good Day is Britannia’s largest brand with a revenue of Rs. 2,600 crore. The brand has a range of variants, including cashew, butter, choco-chips and a super-premium offering called Good Day Chunkies, a brand of artisanal cookies.