Britannia Industries Ltd.

Britannia Industries Ltd., the leader in the premium cream biscuit category, is now investing Rs. 100 crore in the next one year to give a boost to its three premium cream biscuit brands, Pure Magic, Bourbon, and Treat. Of this, Rs. 50 crore has been earmarked for Treat, as it is set to restage its popular sandwich cream biscuit brand. The company will also earmark approximately Rs. 55 crore to set up its first overseas Greenfield production unit in Nepal to cater to the local demand. Currently it exports to Nepal. The biscuit shell wears a contemporary design and is crunchier and chocolatier than before with super soft cream in between. The brand’s packaging has also undergone a significant change and is more vibrant. The restage will be led by two variants – Cool Vanilla (which is the highest- selling variant in the category) and a completely-revamped chocolate variant (Funky Choco). Fruit Creams (i e orange, strawberry and pineapple) have also been re-designed. The vanilla, chocolate and fruit creams will be available in packs priced at Rs. 10 and Rs. 30. This is part of Britannia’s long-term strategy to launch new products across its biscuits portfolio. In May, the company introduced Good Day Wonderfulls, a new premium cookie variant.