Banganapalle mangoes get GI tag

Banaganapalle mangoes, one of the most popular and finest varieties of mango from Andhra Pradesh, has been given the Geographical Indication (GI) Registration Certificate by the GI Registry, Chennai. The Andhra Pradesh government is now the registered proprietor of the GI tag for mangoes. Banaganapalle mangoes have gained wide acceptability throughout the globe due to its unique characteristics in aroma, taste, shape, size and color. The application for the Banaganapalle Mangoes was filed by the Horticulture Development Agency, represented by commissioner of horticulture, the government of Andhra Pradesh, and was facilitated by Andhra Pradesh Technology Development and Promotion Centre (APTDC) of Confederation of Indian Industry (CII). According to the AP horticulture department, about 5,500 tonne of Banaganapalle mangoes are exported annually to the US and UK. The primary centre of origin of the fruit is Kurnool district, comprising Banaganapalle, Paanyam and Nandyal mandals. The government has also listed Khammam, Mahabubnagar, Rangareddy, Medak and Adilabad districts in Telangana as secondary centres of origin. The GI indicates products that have a specific geographical origin and possess qualities or a reputation that are due to that origin. Once product is registered as GI, no producer can claim the same name, which is covered by a GI tag, without consent from the applicant.